Lemmerstraat 31
5045 WP Tilburg
The Netherlands
Tel. : +31-(0)13-5711626
Email:  info@it-imaging.com

We provide a wide range of specialized offerings with hands-on experience in a number of industries using advanced tools that we employ in our projects. The areas of expertise include:

  • Application software consultancy, Database programming. Development in Oracle Application Express (APEX), Siebel CRM, Siebel Analytics, Database design, implementation and remote administration for your company systems using state of the art modern IT industry standards.
  • Custom software development and integration. We offer a full range of software development services including system integration, implementation, consulting, project management, design, programming, testing, and support.
  • Code optimization of your application and database. In terms of database and application modules we offer you optimized software execution speed, including platform enhancement of time-critical sections in code.
  • Image storage, administration, archive and complex search. Editing, modifying, storing, archiving and enhancing all kind of image, video and voice data in a secured way. Our software offers complex search, efficient retrieve, advanced filtering and other capabilities to administer and manage big number of images from various image sources.
  • Image, video data analysis and reporting. System integration and turn-key automated analysis solutions; handling and processing high number of images with built-in reporting and data mining functionalities. Also offering the possibility to build your custom made reports in an easy and intuitive manner.
  • Software interfaces to imaging devices. Data and image API programming in different languages, running against various databases on either MS-Windows or Linux platforms.
  • Visualization. Recording, play/replay and synthesis of regular and streaming video; developing Internet applets using video streams, titration, and compression; video data transfer via telephone and cable lines.
  • Complete and integrated camera hardware set. Integrating popular Gigabit digital camera solutions into our IT-Imaging software management system to manage your image data with browser-only forms and no local software installation or no local admin needs.
  • Cloud solutions and hosting of applications. Offering and hosting complete applications including infrastructure for high availability of data and full system management.
  • On-line archiving of imaging data. Archiving and maintaining your old image data with instant availability and access in a secure manner.

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