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SafeDoc (Secure Data Management) OVERVIEW
- Live DEMO-System
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(SafeDoc Product Overview)

Feature Highlights of Secure Data Management

  • SafeDoc targets the protection of text documents on all popular platforms and systems
  • Supported on Windows and Linux based systems and mobile devices
  • Even if unauthorized access breaks into the system, there is an extra effort to “read” ANY files
  • Protecting any files independently of the file format, size or other characteristics
  • Documents having a low level line-by-line strong encryption with a variable method
  • Data piracy attacks might steal documents, yet unable to recover the content without substantial effort
  • Internal employees (or partners) are unable to decode any part of the document
  • The master key algorithm is variable and built up on different inputs, like time, system and others
  • There are never two documents being encrypted in the same way: all are unique, like human DNA

For more information download: SafeDoc Features List white paper with FAQs


CarIdentity (CarID) OVERVIEW
- Live DEMO-System
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(Base Component Library)

Feature Highlights of CarIdentity Release version 1.2

  • Car Brand recognition system
  • LPR License Plate Recognition system of any country
  • Vehicle validation reporting against access permission lists
  • Mobile device alerting solution, violation control and custom integration
  • On-premise or Cloud or Hosting service offering is possible

For more information download: CarIdentity Features List white paper.



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